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Precautions should be taken when handling chemotherapy and other hazardous drugs, as they can cause acute or chronic effects in nurses and healthcare providers.

Cognitive behavioral therapy may reduce long-term memory-related issues linked to chemotherapy treatment in cancer survivors.

While oncologic emergencies are common among cancer patients, they can often be avoided with close monitoring, early intervention, and ongoing patient education.

Good cancer treatment is not just brilliant diagnostics, treatment, and follow-up care, but includes treating and caring for the whole person, which can include understanding a patient’s sexual orientation and gender identity.

In this interview, we discuss symptom self-management strategies reported by adolescents and young adults with cancer, including some of the most common symptoms affecting this patient population and effective self-management techniques.

Nurses need to be able to provide self-care to themselves because compassion fatigue can have negative physical, psychosocial, and spiritual effects.

This slide show highlights some of the top stories of the month, including the approval of a new agent for RCC, a study that found declines in prostate cancer deaths have mirrored the declines in smoking rates, and more.

Afatinib resulted in improved progression-free survival compared with gefitinib in treatment-naive non–small-cell lung cancer patients with EGFR mutations.

A 46-year-old man presents with abdominal pain. Imaging detects a mass at the level of the ileum, and a biopsy is performed. What is your diagnosis?

A 34-year-old woman presents with abdominal pain, and a duodenal biopsy is obtained. Based on the image shown, what is your diagnosis?


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