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‘Celebrating Survival’ Honors Top 100 Breast Cancer Researchers

‘Celebrating Survival’ Honors Top 100 Breast Cancer Researchers

SAN ANTONIO—At a gala reception held during the 23rd Annual San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium,
nine cancer organizations released its list of the "top 100" breast cancer researchers— those with the most published studies in the 20th century advancing breast cancer treatment.

Ten researchers received the Celebrating Survival: A Century of Advancements in Early Breast Cancer Award for their landmark phase III clinical studies published in peer-reviewed journals that demonstrated a 5-year survival benefit.

A scientific committee of oncologists, physicians, and cancer cooperative group members set the award criteria and identified clinical abstracts based on the criteria. From those abstracts, the committee identified the top 100 researchers published most frequently, the researcher with the most published articles, and the Celebrating Survival Award recipients.

Ten Leading Investigators

The 10 recipients of the Celebrating Survival Award (see photograph) are Michael Baum, MD, of University College, London; Gianni Bonadonna, MD, of Istituto Nazionale Tumori, Milan; Monica Castiglione-Gertsch, MD, of the Swiss Institute for Applied Cancer Research, Bern; and Bernard Fisher, MD, of the National Surgical Adjuvant Breast and Bowel Project.

Also, Gabriel Hortobagyi, MD, of M.D. Anderson Cancer Center; Mark Levine MD, of Cancer Care Ontario Hamilton Regional Cancer Centre; Edward Mansour, MD, of Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine; Roar Nissen-Meyer, MD, of Aker Hospital, Oslo; Lars Rutqvist, MD, of Huddinge University Hospital, Stockholm; and William Wood, MD, of Emory University Hospital.

Dr. Hortobagyi received special honors for publishing more than 268 clinical studies in peer-reviewed journals.

The top 100 researchers, listed in alphabetical order, are: R. Abe, H.O. Adami, J.P Baak, G. Bastert, M. Baum, R.W. Blamey, G.R. Blumenschein, G. Bonadonna, J. Bonneterre, A.J. Borg, N.F. Boyd, L.A. Brinton, N. Brunner, R.D. Bulbrook, A.U. Buzdar, S. Ciatto, R. Clarke, G.M. Clark, G.A. Colditz, R.C. Coombes, A. Costa, and K.H. Cowan.

N.E. Davidson, G. Di Fronzo, R.B. Dickson, M. Dowsett, I.O. Ellis, C.W. Elston, G. Falkson, I.S. Fentiman, B. Fisher, J.A. Foekens, A.P. Forrest, S. Franceschi, S.A. Fuqua, J.C Gazet, R.D. Gelber, A. Goldhirsch, A.L. Harris, J.R. Harris, J.L. Hayward, I.C. Henderson, G.N. Hortobagyi, K. Horwitz, and A. Howell.

Y. Iino, J.N. Ingle, V.C. Jordan, B.S. Katzenellenbogen, M. Kaufmann, J.G. Klijn, H. Koyama, E. Kubista, C. La Vecchia, L. Lickley, R. Lidereau, M.E. Lippman, P.E. Lonning, H.T. Lynch. A. Manni, P.M. Martin, W.L. McGuire, A.B. Miller, W.R. Miller, and H.T. Mouridsen.

M. Namer, E. Negri, R.I. Nicholson, M. Noguchi, Y. Nomura, L. Norton, M. Ogawa, H.E. Olsson, K.C. Osborne, D.L. Page, M.C. Pike, P. Pouillart, T.J. Powles, A. Recht, C. Redmond, M.J. Reed, J.F. Robertson, H. Rochefort, C. Rose, D.P. Rose, R. Rosso, R.D. Rubens, and L.E. Rutqvist.

S. Safe, R.J. Santen, V.F. Semiglazov, I.E. Smith, R.L. Sutherland, T. Taguchi, T. Tominaga, D.C. Tormey, D. Trichopoulos, P. Valagussa, U. Veronesi, D.Y. Wang, W.C. Willett, and H.Y. Yap.

The nine organizations that sponsored the awards are Cancer Care Inc, CancerEducation.com, Living Beyond Breast Cancer, MAMM magazine, the Coalition of National Cancer Cooperative Groups, The Oncologist, Pharmacia Oncology, Vital Options Telesupport Cancer Network, and Y-ME National Breast Cancer Organization.

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