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1 Million Americans a Day Risk Injury in Tanning Salons

1 Million Americans a Day Risk Injury in Tanning Salons

BUENOS AIRES--The tanning salon industry has grown enormously
in recent years, with as many as 2 million regular patrons in
the United States, and 1 million people visiting daily, W. L.
Morrison, MD, of Johns Hopkins University, said at the Sixth World
Congress on Cancers of the Skin.

There are more than 20,000 free-standing tanning salons in the
United States, with another 40,000 in beauty salons and health

The bulbs used in the tanning salons emit ultraviolet-A (UVA)
radiation at a peak wavelength of 350 nm, with ultraviolet-B radiation,
the wavelength that is implicated in skin cancer and melanoma
development, ranging from 0.025% to 4% of the total.

Thus, tanning salons have advertised their services as providing
a "safe" tan, a claim that was strongly debunked by
Dr. Morrison.

Although UVA radiation is more efficient at producing a tan, the
tan that develops is inefficient at subsequent protection against
burning, he said.

Short-term problems such as eye injuries (from UVA radiation absorbed
by the lens of the eye) and erythema are common, and long-term
problems such as cataract development, skin photoaging, and skin
cancer are expected to surface with time.

Dr. Morrison said that the Federal Trade Commission has recently
ruled that patrons of tanning salons must use eyewear, and health
risk notices must be placed on the units. In addition, tanning
salons cannot advertise a "safe" tan or any other health
benefit associated with the activity.


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