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ACRO Forecasts Radiologist Surplus

ACRO Forecasts Radiologist Surplus

OAK BROOK, Ill--Young physicians seeking careers in radiation on-cology may have severely limited employment opportunities in the foreseeable future, according to the American College of Radiation Oncology (ACRO). The College forecasts that up to 1,000 radiation oncologists will be either underemployed or unemployed shortly after the year 2000.

The College's Personnel Needs Assessment Committee found that approximately 800 new radiation oncologists will enter the job market in the next 5 years while fewer than 200 existing radiation oncologists will leave the workforce during the same period.

Quality of Training Affected

The Committee anticipates that the annual average caseload is expected to remain between 210 and 216 patients through the year 2004. A surplus of radiation oncologists may decrease patient caseload at large medical centers and limit the number of patients available for resident training, thereby adversely affecting the quality of training available to radiation oncology residents.

"The word needs to get out," said ACRO president William D. Bloomer. "Unlike medical subspecialists who can fall back on general internal medicine if their specialty practice falters, radiation oncologists have no fall-back position without major re-training."

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