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Agency Helps Mastectomy Patients Cope With Loss

Agency Helps Mastectomy Patients Cope With Loss

NEW YORK--The woman shyly lifted her sweater, and in halting English
apologized for her old brassiere. The left cup was stuffed with
a towel where her breast used to be. She had come to Cancer Care,
Inc. in Manhattan for help.

A breast prosthesis costs about $250. In many states, Medicaid
and Medicare pay for prostheses and bras, but patients are not
always told that, and this lady had been walking around for 4
years with a towel in her bra.

But in a few minutes she would be smiling and standing taller
looking at herself in the mirror. Wearing a new red satin "Rendezvous"
Maidenform bra, the color lovely against her caramel skin, the
left cup filled with a new pink 36B breast prosthesis, she was

Once a month, women come to Cancer Care's New York office for
the "All You Want to Know About Breast Prostheses" clinic,
given by Carol Art Keane, owner of Underneath It All, a post-breast
surgery boutique in Manhattan. Ms. Keane herself had a mastectomy
4 years ago, and started the business when she realized how few
stores carry products for women who have had mastectomies.

At Cancer Care, Ms. Keane alters and fits bras, and gives away
bras and prostheses to poor women who are not covered by Medicaid
or Medicare. She also helps those who are eligible to apply for
their Medicaid or Medicare allowance for these items.

Every big bra manufacturer in New York City--Maidenform, Playtex,
Lovable--donates to the program, she said. They give "beautiful
lingerie, not irregulars, often with panties to match." Equally
pretty surgical bras--bras with cups for the prostheses--are donated
to Cancer Care by Coloplast/Amoena and Natural Wear by Camp.

Fitting the bras and prostheses, which have a polyurethane exterior
and silicone interior, Ms. Keane works like a couturier. "Looks
pretty good. It's just a little more projection than I would like,"
she said, stepping back to assess a fitting.


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