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American Cancer Society Launches New and Improved Website

American Cancer Society Launches New and Improved Website

The American Cancer Society recently announced the re-launch of its website, www.cancer.org, with a broad range of new features, including personalized content, interactive health planning tools, and online discussion groups.

"When you face a cancer diagnosis, it can be a devastating experience," said David S. Rosenthal, MD, volunteer chairman of the American Cancer Society’s Health Content Advisory Group. "It can feel like the most lonely time of your life. We wanted to use the power of the Internet to help people connect—with one another and with the American Cancer Society—in order to help people realize they are not alone in this fight."

An Evolving Effort

The new site evolved over nearly 2 years using feedback from cancer patients, families, and leading scientific researchers and health-care professionals. It was designed to provide people with the tools to make their own personal decisions about cancer treatment, and to help them cope with cancer in their lives. Visitors will have access to a wide range of American Cancer Society services and information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Among the many interactive tools offered by the website are personal planners that keep track of doctor’s appointments and hospital visits, health risk assessment tools, and cancer treatment decision and support resources. "We wanted to make cancer.org a true interactive resource that puts the power of personalized information in the hands of our users," said Terry M. Music, strategic business manager for cancer information at the American Cancer Society National Home Office and herself a cancer survivor. "As everyone’s experience with cancer is different, so is the kind of information they seek when they come to our site. From that standpoint, we designed cancer.org so that it could be customized to fit each individual person’s needs."

In addition to the new look and feel, cancer.org has been empowered with improved navigation and search features that make it easier to find a variety of cancer information. Users can log on to find anything and everything they might need or want—from the latest news and research reports, treatment information, links to hospitals, survivor stories, and links to events in their local communities.

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