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Bill Seeks Access to Federal Health Plan

Bill Seeks Access to Federal Health Plan

WASHINGTON--Probably the best-informed group of American consumers of health care are the 9 million federal employees enrolled in the government's health-care plan, Representative Patricia Schroeder (D-CO) said at the Association of Community Cancer Centers (ACCC) annual meeting.

This is because, once a year, during open season, federal workers get a booklet describing all the different health-care plans available to them. Insurers advertise in the booklet, explaining how their plan works, what the cost is to the consumer, and what it offers beyond the required standard package of benefits.

Rep. Schroeder has put together legislation (HB 1084) that would allow Americans who work for small employers or who are self-employed to bid off the same menu as federal employees. These two groups need help the most, Rep. Schroeder said.

"I don't worry about General Motors, but small employers and self-employed people often don't have much choice about health insurance," she said.

Rep. Schroeder thinks her bill is politically feasible because "it's very hard for members of Congress to tell you they are not going to vote to give you the same choices they have."

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