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Clinton Increases Funding for HIV Research, Relief

Clinton Increases Funding for HIV Research, Relief

WASHINGTON—As part of World AIDS Day 1998 (December1), President Clinton announced that the federal government will spend $200 million to fund research aimed at developing an effective HIV vaccine during fiscal year 1999. The money represents a 33% increase in AIDS vaccine funding over fiscal year 1998.

Another $164 million will be devoted to “other new research critical to fighting AIDS around the world,” the President said. These efforts include a new prevention trials network to reduce adult and peri-natal transmission of HIV; new strategies to prevent and treat HIV infection in children; efforts to train more foreign scientists to help battle the epidemic; and research on the prevention and treatment of opportunistic infections.

The United States will also put up $10 million in emergency relief funds through the US Agency for International Development to provide support to AIDS orphans abroad. Mr. Clinton also directed Sandra Thurman, his AIDS policy advisor, to undertake a fact-finding mission to sub-Saharan Africa—“where 90% of the AIDS orphans live”—and to make recommendations on how to address the problem.

Also, Vice President Al Gore announced that the federal government will provide $220 million in grants for housing and support services for more than 65,000 low-income people infected with HIV and members of their households. The money will be distributed by the Department of Housing and Urban Development under its new Housing Opportunities for Persons With AIDS program.

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