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Current Therapy in Cancer, Second Edition

Current Therapy in Cancer, Second Edition

In their new book entitled Current Therapy in Cancer, Drs. Foley, Vose, and Armitage endeavor to provide a short and concise presentation of various cancers. Their purpose is to aid clinicians in presenting a succinct overview of individual cancers to patients and families, thereby allowing the early establishment of a treatment program. The book is neatly organized and broadly divided into two sections: Solid Tumors and Hematologic Malignancies. Within these broad divisions, individual chapters cover cancers originating from particular organs and/or organ systems. In addition, there are chapters devoted to the specific topics of bone marrow transplantation, complications of chemotherapy, and new advances in chemotherapy.

The editors and contributors comprise an impressive list of individuals who are accomplished experts in their respective fields. The easy-to-read chapters rapidly convey important factual information about individual cancer types and their treatment. Importantly, they also provide unique insights and advice on these diseases.

Current Therapy in Cancer excels in meeting the authors’ stated goals, including their primary aim of improving the rapid delivery of authoritative information to patients and their families. The book is highly recommended for all medical professionals who are involved in the treatment of patients with cancer. It will serve as an asset to all who own it.

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