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Danny Glover ‘Acting’ as Spokesman for Anemia LifeLine

Danny Glover ‘Acting’ as Spokesman for Anemia LifeLine

NEW YORK—Actor Danny Glover is serving as spokesman for Anemia LifeLine, a new educational initiative. Mr. Glover’s father had anemia associated with chronic kidney disease. At a press conference to launch the initiative, Mr. Glover told how anemia had robbed his father James Glover of his desire to do the things he loved. He said his father was ready to give up, but treatment gave him back his energy and independence.

Anemia LifeLine was developed by Amgen Inc. in collaboration with the National Kidney Foundation; The Wellness Community, a national support group for cancer patients; and the National Anemia Action Council, representing various clinical specialties.

The campaign was designed to increase awareness of the signs and symptoms of anemia associated with serious disease, provide educational materials, encourage people to seek treatment, and demonstrate that treatment can lead to a healthier, more productive life.

Mr. Glover will make appearances throughout the country at National Kidney Foundation Kidney Walks and at anemia awareness events at malls. He will be featured in public service announcements and in educational materials available via a toll-free line (1-888-722-4407) and on the web (www.anemia.com). 

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