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Darbepoetin-Prefilled Autoinjector Available for Chemotherapy-Associated Anemia

Darbepoetin-Prefilled Autoinjector Available for Chemotherapy-Associated Anemia

Amgen recently announced the launch of the darbepoetin alfa (Aranesp)-prefilled SureClick autoinjector for patients with chemotherapy-induced anemia and anemia associated with chronic kidney disease in the United States. "With the availability of the Aranesp-prefilled SureClick autoinjector, health-care providers and patients now have a new secure and simple option that automatically delivers a complete subcutaneous injection in a single use," said Willard Dere, MD, senior vice president for global development and chief medical officer at Amgen. "The added safety features of the SureClick autoinjector minimize potential needlestick injuries, offering dependable benefits for nurses, oncologists, and nephrologists who administer Aranesp in clinics and hospitals."

Unique Safety Features

The darbepoetin-prefilled autoinjector has three important and unique safety features, including a safety cover that limits needle exposure before and after the subcutaneous injection, two audible clicks to announce the beginning and end of the injection, and a large inspection window that confirms it automatically delivered the complete injection. In a survey that included the use of the device, most oncology nurses agreed that it was easy to use.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that one out of every seven health-care professionals is accidentally stuck by a contaminated sharp, most often a needle, each year. Approximately 62% to 88% of needlestick injuries can potentially be prevented by the use of safer devices. To reduce these occupational hazards, the CDC has identified eight desirable characteristics for safety devices, and the darbepoetin-prefilled SureClick autoinjector has at least six of these characteristics.

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