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Dr. DeVita Receives 1995 Durham City Of Medicine Award

Dr. DeVita Receives 1995 Durham City Of Medicine Award

NEW HAVEN, Conn--Vincent T. DeVita, Jr., MD, director of the Yale Cancer Center, has been honored with the 1995 Durham City of Medicine Award.

The award program was established in 1988 by the City of Durham, NC, to recognize internationally renown medical scientists and organizations whose contributions to medicine have profoundly improved the health and welfare of millions of people. Recipients include five Nobel Laureates in Medicine.

Dr. DeVita, who served as director of the National Cancer Institute for 8 years, has been a leader in the war against cancer for the past 30 years. His ground-breaking research in multidrug chemotherapy regimens to treat cancer has provided a cure for Hodgkin's disease and other lymphomas.

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