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Friends of Cancer Research Campaign

Friends of Cancer Research Campaign

WASHINGTON--The national cancer community has joined together to create a nonprofit organization, the Friends of Cancer Research, to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the National Cancer Act through a public awareness and education campaign on the importance of cancer research.

The Friends board includes members of the groups most active in the fight against cancer, including the National Cancer Advisory Board, National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship, Presidents' Cancer Panel, ASCO, AACR, National Alliance of Breast Cancer Organizations, Oncology Nursing Society, National Coalition for Cancer Research, American Cancer Society, and a number of prominent US cancer centers.

The campaign will include events and public forums at which Richard Klausner, MD, director of the National Cancer Institute, and other senior officials will report to the American people on the state of cancer research. These events will also provide an opportunity for the cancer community and other interested parties to identify their most important research priorities for the coming years.

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