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'Friends of Cancer Research' Will Lead New Public Education Campaign

'Friends of Cancer Research' Will Lead New Public Education Campaign

BETHESDA, Md--As part of its resolution commemorating the 25th anniversary of the National Cancer Act, the National Cancer Advisory Board (NCAB) has voted to initiate a 1-year public education program to reaffirm the national commitment to cancer research.

Leading the campaign will be the newly formed Friends of Cancer Research, an organization that includes almost every US cancer group. Dr. Ellen Sigal, PhD, president of Sigal Environmental and a member of the NCAB subcommittee on basic and environmental cancer research, will head the new group.

The goal of the campaign is to mobilize public support for cancer research, by meeting the following objectives:

  • Demonstrating the benefits of cancer research.
  • Illustrating the need for answers to the disease.
  • Explaining the investment needed for the task ahead.

Said Dr. Sigal: "This year's 25th anniversary of the National Cancer Act offers the fulcrum for a major, year-long public awareness campaign, combining news events and targeted media hits, that will build support for an enhanced national commitment to cancer research."

The educational campaign will be launched around September at a major cancer research center, and will have a message along the lines of "only research cures cancer."

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