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Gallo to Establish a Major AIDS Institute

Gallo to Establish a Major AIDS Institute

BETHESDA, Md--One of the discoverers of HIV, Robert C. Gallo, MD, is leaving the National Cancer Institute after 30 years, most recently as head of the Division of Tumor Cell Biology.

He will establish a major AIDS research institute at the University of Maryland, Baltimore, to be called the Institute of Human Virology. The institute will be supported by at least $9 million in Maryland tax revenues for the first 3 years and will receive an additional $3 million in Baltimore city funds, Dr. Gallo said.

It eventually will employ 250 people and have an annual budget of $25 million to $30 million, including government grants and collaboration with private industry.

Two top scientists accompanying Dr. Gallo to Baltimore are William Blattner, MD, chief of the NCI's Viral Epidemiology Branch, and Robert Redfield, MD, a clinical virologist at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research.

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