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HIV-Related Lymphoma Differs in Those With Early vs Advanced HIV Infection

HIV-Related Lymphoma Differs in Those With Early vs Advanced HIV Infection

HOUSTON—Physicians at Ben Taub General Hospital, Houston, noticed that
an unusual number of patients were presenting with lymphoma as their first
AIDS-defining event. This observation prompted a retrospective study of all
HIV-positive patients with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma presenting between 1989
and 2000.

Indeed, the analysis showed that 33 (35%) of the 88 patients identified
in the study were newly diagnosed with HIV, whereas 55 were known to be HIV
positive when their lymphoma was diagnosed, Suleiman Alfred Massarweh, MD,
told ONI in an interview. In other cohorts of patients with HIV-related
lymphoma, he noted, only 3% to 5% typically present with lymphoma as their
first AIDS-defining illness.

This discrepancy may be explained, in part, by Ben Taub’s status as a
community hospital. The hospital serves as the first destination for these
patients at presentation, thus eliminating potential referral bias.
"Most patients in the large cohorts already have their HIV diagnosis
when they go to these referral centers," Dr. Massarweh said at the 43rd
Annual Meeting of the American Society of Hematology (abstract 1434). He is
a clinical fellow at Baylor College of Medicine.

The substantial number of newly diagnosed HIV patients with lymphoma in
the Ben Taub database gave the Houston researchers a unique opportunity to
compare these patients with lymphoma patients with known HIV infection.

Of the 55 known-HIV patients presenting with lymphoma in the study, 10
had no history of an AIDS-defining illness and were being followed by
primary care physicians in the HIV clinic. The rest had a previous
AIDS-defining event before their lymphoma presentation.

Burkitt’s Lymhoma

Dr. Massarweh noted that the new-HIV lymphoma patients tended to be a few
years older than the known-HIV patients: an average of 41 vs 38 years.


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