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Hodgkin's Disease Patients Sought for Trial of MoAb

Hodgkin's Disease Patients Sought for Trial of MoAb

BOSTON, Mass--Researchers at New England Deaconess Hospital are seeking Hodgkin's disease patients for a federally funded phase Ib/II trial of a humanized monoclonal antibody (MoAb) against interleukin-2 receptor (Tac).

The rationale for the study stems from the observation that all Reed-Sternberg cells are Tac-positive. The monoclonal antibody under study is the humanized version of the murine anti-Tac antibody that generated a 33% response rate (partial response plus complete response) in 19 patients with ATL (adult T-cell leukemia/lymphoma) at the National Cancer Institute (see figure).

The new molecule is 92% human in origin, resulting in increased effectiveness in cytotoxicity assays and reduced immunogenicity during therapy (Queen et al: Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 86:10029, 1989; Junghans et al: Cancer Research 50:1495, 1990).

Eligibility requirements for the protocol (92-0205-34) include measurable disease, failed first- and second-line treatments, and PS 0-2. Patients must be able to remain in Boston for the first study month of this outpatient trial. Treatment response at 1 month is required to continue participation.

For more information, contact Richard P. Junghans, PhD, MD, at New England Deaconess Hospital; telephone:

617-632-0943; fax: 617-632-0998.

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