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'Integrated Symposia' New Feature at ASCO Conference

'Integrated Symposia' New Feature at ASCO Conference

PHILADELPHIA--Two highlights of the 1996 American Society of Clinical
Oncology (ASCO) meeting (to be held May 18-21 in Philadelphia)
will be the integrated symposia, ASCO president John Glick said
in an interview. Dr. Glick, of the University of Pennsylvania
Cancer Center, said that the innovative symposia will integrate
educational material and state-of-the-art abstracts.

Thrombopoietin Results

The subjects of the integrated symposia are thrombopoietin and
adjuvant therapy for colon cancer. "At the thrombo-poietin
symposium, results of some of the double-blinded large national
trials on its use to bolster platelet counts will be unblinded
for the first time," he said.

Other important presentations include the President's Symposium
on the biological, clinical, and ethical implications of genetic
testing for cancer. Dr. Francis Collins, director of the National
Genome Project, will be one of the speakers at this timely session.

Dr. Glick noted that the director of the National Cancer Institute,
Richard Klausner, MD, will be at ASCO to give his vision of the
NCI and will also be available for a question and answer session
after his talk.

The plenary session will include results of tamoxifen studies
from the NSABP and the Swedish Breast Cancer group. Dr. Bernard
Fisher will present the NSABP's trials of adjuvant tamoxifen in
node-negative and node-positive breast cancer, and Dr. Lars Rutquist
will report on the Swedish findings.

Results of two studies on the use of chemotherapy plus radiotherapy
will be presented: a SWOG study on its use in early stage non-Hodgkin's
lymphoma, and an Intergroup study on its use in nasopharyngeal

Dr. Glick's address the afternoon of May 20 will review the state
of the Society, including its work on developing evidence-based
clinical practice guidelines; its public policies on testing for


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