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Joe & Ali Torre Lead ‘Two Against One’ Prostate Cancer Campaign

Joe & Ali Torre Lead ‘Two Against One’ Prostate Cancer Campaign

NEW YORK—To help support spouses of prostate cancer patients, New York Yankees manager Joe Torre, a prostate cancer survivor, and his wife Ali are helping to launch “Two Against One: Couples Battling Prostate Cancer.” This multimedia program helps spouses become more informed about prostate cancer and empowers them to advocate for improved outcomes for their husbands.

The program was developed with the prostate cancer advocacy group US TOO! International, Inc., the American Foundation for Urologic Disease, and an alliance of prominent medical urologists and oncologists. Biotechnology companies Amgen and Praecis Pharmaceuticals are sponsoring the program.

The physical effects of prostate cancer may strike only men, but research shows that the emotional impact of the disease can be even greater for their wives.

That doesn’t stop wives from playing a key role in their husband’s prostate cancer care—approximately one in four men with prostate cancer say their treatment decision was made either solely by their wife/partner or equally with them, according to results of a national survey by Roper Starch Worldwide.

The new “Two Against One” program consists of a website that leads spouses through the trauma of diagnosis, treatment, and beyond. It also features links to other useful resources. This information has been captured in a free printed booklet.

Also available is a new educational video, “Not By Myself,” featuring singers Billy Davis, Jr., and Marilyn McCoo, another famous couple that has successfully faced prostate cancer.

The booklet and video are available by calling toll-free 877-550-9624. The “Two Against One” website is found at http://www.2against1.com.

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