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Komen Foundation Adds International Breast Cancer Programs

Komen Foundation Adds International Breast Cancer Programs

ROME—The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation has extended its breast cancer awareness programs internationally with the establishment of affiliates in Italy, Argentina, Germany, and Greece. The Dallas-based foundation has 117 local US affiliates.

Riccardo Masetti, MD, assistant professor of surgery, Catholic University, Rome, joined Komen Foundation president Susan Braun in making the announcement of the Italian affiliate via a live webcast from the 5th Annual Multidis-ciplinary Symposium on Breast Diseases.

The kickoff event for the Italian affiliate is an international version of the Foundation’s Race for the Cure, to be held in the gardens of Rome’s Villa Borghese on May 21, 2000. The Rome race is a sister project with the New York City affiliate of the Komen Foundation. A second race will be run on August 13, in Frankfurt, Germany.

Dr. Masetti applauded the Foundation for extending its public education efforts to Europe. “One of the major challenges globally is certainly education. Women need to know more about breast cancer. We look to the United States, where now every woman is willing to stand up and speak about breast cancer. This is the model we want to bring to other countries of the world,” he said.

Like their US counterparts, international affiliates are organized by groups of local volunteers who must complete a detailed affiliate application, followed by a comprehensive community needs assessment.

In addition, the applicant must demonstrate significant support for the Foundation’s mission from the local medical and scientific community, as well as from the business community and civic organizations. The applicant is also asked to make initial recommendations for awareness and education programs.

All of the money raised by these international affiliates will stay in their respective countries to support breast cancer research, education, screening, and treatment programs, Ms. Braun said.

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