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National Study to Follow Patient Outcomes After BRCA1 Genetic Testing

National Study to Follow Patient Outcomes After BRCA1 Genetic Testing

SALT LAKE CITY--Myriad Genetic Laboratories, Inc. and the American College of Surgeons (ACS) have announced a long-term study that will follow the outcomes of patients currently undergoing BRCA1 genetic analysis for breast and ovarian cancer susceptibility.

The study--ACS-Myriad BRCA1 Longitudinal study (AMBLS)--will address two major questions: Which BRCA1 mutations are strongly penetrant (have a strong correlation to the risk of getting the disease), and what is the likely clinical outcome after medical and surgical intervention.

Sloan-Kettering to Administer

Administered for the ACS by the Sloan-Kettering Institute for Cancer Research (SKI) in New York, the study will be under the coordination of Ken Offit, MD, MPH, chief, Clinical Genetic Service, Department of Human Genetics, and Pat Borgan, MD, chief, Breast Service, Department of Surgery, at SKI, and Dr. Samuel Wells, vice chair of the ACS board.

The AMBLS study will utilize Myriad's BRACone genetic analysis test and multicenter patient database to obtain mutation incidence and clinical data. Investigators will fill out a baseline registration form for consenting patients. At the patient's annual exam, investigators will provide follow-up information concerning the patient's status.

To ensure confidentiality, codes linking the database to patient identifiers will reside solely in the hands of the patient's local physician investigator.

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