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National Toxicology Program Requests Data on 11 Chemicals

National Toxicology Program Requests Data on 11 Chemicals

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC--The National Toxicology Program has requested public input on 11 chemicals recommended for absorption, toxicity, or carcinogenicity studies. It seeks information from completed or ongoing studies, and information on planned studies, as well as current production data, human exposure information, use patterns, and environmental occurrences.

The compounds include bixin and fenchone, natural products with widespread human exposure; diethylamine, found in some foods; dihydroxyacetone, a component of tanning compounds; isopropylamine, a natural product in foods; pulegone, a flavoring; menthofu-ran, a metabolite of pulegone; and alpha-solanine, a known human toxicant.

Also, alpha-thujone a component of food flavoring additives; triethylamine, a workplace contaminant, and trigonelline, a plant hormone with widespread human exposure through diet.

Information may be submitted until July 27 to William Eastin, NIEHS/NTP, P.O. Box 12233, Research Triangle Park, NC 27709; Fax: 919-541-3687; e-mail: Eastin@NIEHS.

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