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NCI Director Explains His Leadership Philosophy and Plans

NCI Director Explains His Leadership Philosophy and Plans

BETHESDA, Maryland—During his first formal meeting with the National
Cancer Advisory Board (NCAB), Andrew C. von Eschenbach, MD, spelled out his
leadership philosophy, his intended directions as the new director of the
National Cancer Institute (NCI), and several areas in which he plans to take
rapid action.

The former researcher and clinician at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center left
little doubt that he would be a strong leader and participate in the
national cancer effort beyond the traditional role of the NCI director.

"I look forward to complementing what has gone on before by focusing
on the continued development of new knowledge and the translation of that
knowledge into more effective interventions that can be directly applied to
patients," he told NCAB members.

He added that he would work actively to assure that new interventions
"are applied to the populations at risk and that they are available
equally and equitably to all individuals."

Dr. von Eschenbach, who spent 25 years at M.D. Anderson, was sworn in as
the NCI’s 12th director on Jan. 10. He succeeded Richard D. Klausner, who
resigned in September after more than 6 years in the post.

Two Conditions

The new NCI director said he accepted the post on two conditions. First,
he wanted to continue to practice medicine, something, he said, that was
both welcomed and encouraged at the Department of Health and Human Services
and the White House.


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