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NCI Promotes Insurer Support for Clinical Trials

NCI Promotes Insurer Support for Clinical Trials

BETHESDA, Md--At its most recent meeting, the National Cancer Advisory Board heard a report on the Division of Cancer Treatment, Diagnosis, and Centers and its efforts to promote third-party payer support for clinical trials.

Mary McCabe, representing the division, said that it meets regularly with insurers, government agencies, and trade associations to establish and build partnerships for education on clinical trials and to increase support for third-party coverage.

The division emphasizes to insurers that clinical trials give good value because they have rigid review systems, provide outcome measures, and have in place the necessary quality assurances for patient safety.

In 1993, she said, the first part of a congressionally mandated two-part study to determine third-party reimbursement policies was completed. This study included a survey of eight insurers and managed care organizations.

Meeting Being Arranged

Currently, Ms. McCabe said, a meeting is being arranged between NCI Director Richard Klausner and a group of representative insurers to discuss their interest in cancer care. The division is also planning discussions with large corporations. Meanwhile, she said, discussions continue with patient advocacy groups, Federal agencies, legislators, national organizations, and other NIH institutions.

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