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Oncologist Enthusiastic About Capitated Plan

Oncologist Enthusiastic About Capitated Plan

DUARTE, Calif--An oncologist passionate about the advantages of
managed care? Oncology News International met just such a physician,
Myron H. Goldsmith, who provides medical oncology services on
a capitated basis to the City of Hope Oncology Network, while
also maintaining his fee-for-service practice. "You have
to be passionate about what you believe in," this on-the-go
doctor said from his cellular phone.

The City of Hope Oncology Network is part of a growing movement
by cancer centers and oncologists to take the managed care bull
by the horns and get the system to work for patients, providers
and payers.

"By the year 2000, 20% of all health-care spending in this
country is going to be oncology related . . . outstripping cardiology
and orthopedics," Dr. Goldsmith said. "I would rather
that physicians get involved in controlling cost in a manner that
makes sense rather than having it dictated to us how it is going
to be done."

Cancer patients linked to the City of Hope network will generally
not have to leave their local community to receive top quality
cancer treatment. "Instead of the patient going to the tertiary
center for their surgery, for example, a significant proportion
will now be done in the community," Dr. Goldsmith said.

Other unique benefits for patients in the City of Hope network
include second opinions as a covered benefit, access to state-of-the-art
treatment options, educational services, and cancer screening
provided through mobile vans. "We are absolutely community-based
driven," he commented.

The network offers benefits to third-party payers as well, Dr.
Goldsmith believes, including outcomes research, practice guidelines,
quality assurance, and patient satisfaction surveys. "We
want to be partners with the payers and meet their needs. Outcomes
research, for example, allows payers to show that they are providing
quality care."

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