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Oncology Nursing in Europe

Oncology Nursing in Europe

Presenting the nursing perspective on cancer, Ms. Nora Jodrell, Macmillan Lecturer in Cancer Nursing and President Elect of the European Oncology Nursing Society, explained that the priorities of cancer nursing throughout Europe are to improve the quality of care received by individuals and to reduce the morbidity and mortality associated with cancer.

“Nurses are responding to these challenges through a number of educational initiatives that are supported by the European Commission’s Europe Against Cancer Program and extensively used throughout Europe in the development of educational curriculum,” said Ms. Jodrell. “And nursing research is addressing the experience of living with cancer. I anticipate that, as the profile of cancer nursing is raised across Europe, patients will have readier access to the supportive services offered by the nursing profession, and this will enhance the quality of life for patients.”

Ms. Jodrell predicts that advances in cancer genetics and molecular biology will lead to a new era of cancer management. She further suggests that a more patient-focused health-care system will develop, which will lead to an increasingly specialized role for cancer nurses.

“As cancer care shifts from hospital to home, patients and their families will increasingly rely on skilled nurses to support them through treatment. This is already happening with chemotherapy regimens for children with cancer which are increasingly being managed in daycare centers or at home,” added Ms Jodrell. 

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