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Panel Recommends Listing 9 Substances in Carcinogen Report

Panel Recommends Listing 9 Substances in Carcinogen Report

 ARLINGTON, Va—A scientific panel has recommended listing nine substances as either “known” or “reasonably anticipated” to be human carcinogens. If upheld after review, the substances will be listed in the 10th “Report on Carcinogens,” prepared by the National Toxicology Program (NTP) and scheduled for publication in 2002.

The panel voted to upgrade beryllium and beryllium compounds (substances used in fiber optics, aerospace, and other industrial applications) from “reasonably anticipated” to “known” human carcinogens. They recommended listing vinyl bromide and vinyl fluoride as “known” human carcinogens. Vinyl bromide’s primary use is in making flame-retardant synthetic fibers. Vinyl fluoride is a chemical used in making polyvinylfluoride, which is used in the plastics industry.

The panel also recommended listing two other chemicals used in make products flame resistant as “reasonable anticipated” to be human carcinogens: 2,2-bis-(bromomethyl)l-1,3-propanediol used in unsaturated polyester resins, molded products, and rigid polyurethane foam, and 2,3-dibromo-1-propanol, also found in pesticides and drug preparations.

Three other substances were cited as “reasonably anticipated” to be human carcinogens: dimethylbenzidine dyes used in some textiles and plastics; IQ, found in cooked meat and fish; and styrene-7,8-oxide, use in preparing fragrances.

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