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Physicians Take Oath in Ruins Where Hippocrates Trained

Physicians Take Oath in Ruins Where Hippocrates Trained

On the Greek island of Kos in the southeast Aegean, there is a
cypress covered hill where ancient springs flow and herbs grow
in abundance. People searching for good health have been coming
to this hill for 25 generations. Hippocrates was born on Kos,
and the hill holds the ruins of the ancient healing place, the

The Asclepieion, where Hippocrates received his initial training,
was temple, clinic, and university, but what remains today are
the ruins of a grander complex, built several years after Hippocrates'
death in the mid-4th century BC.

Physicians at the Asclepieion used the Hippocratic methods medicine
has followed ever since: history, diagnosis, prognosis, and humane
treatment. For 700 years, patients came from Egypt and Asia Minor,
as well as other parts of Greece. Today's visitors to the Asclepieion
see Ionic and Corinthian columns astride three sun-bleached terraces
separated by broad marble steps (see photo).

The International Hippocratic Foundation of Kos, an organization
of 600 doctors and other academics dedicated to reminding medicine
of its roots, believes that medicine may need a refresher course
on Hippocratic principles.

Of special concern to some members is that people are tinkering
with the Hippocratic Oath. Not all medical graduates take the
Hippocratic Oath as written. Some are using edited versions; others
prefer to take the Oath of Maimonides or the Oath of the Council
of Geneva.

"Many people today dispute the use of the Hippocratic Oath,"
Christos B. Moschos, MD, told Oncology News International. Dr.
Moschos, professor of medicine, the University of Medicine and
Dentistry of New Jersey, is the US delegate to the Foundation.

"They say the oath is not contemporary and is not relevant
to today's ethical dilemmas. But the oath is a document that transcends
time," Dr. Moschos said, adding that many physicians from
Greece and around the world choose to take their oaths at Kos
(see photo).


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