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President Clinton Unveils National AIDS Policy

President Clinton Unveils National AIDS Policy

WASHINGTON--President Clin-ton calls his new national AIDS strategy an important milestone in the history of efforts to end the pandemic that has killed more than 343,000 Americans since 1981. "In the 15 years of this epidemic, we have never had such a unified strategy," the President said. "These goals will guide our work in the coming term and, more specifically, in the coming year."

Six General Goals of the National AIDS Strategy

  • To develop more effective treatments, a preventive vaccine to protect the uninfected, and a cure for those currently infected through strong, continuing support of HIV-related research.
  • To reduce the number of new HIV infections in adults and children in the US, until the rate of new infections reaches zero, by providing strong, continuing support for effective HIV prevention efforts.
  • To ensure that all people living with HIV have access to services, from health care to housing and supportive services, that are affordable, of high quality, and responsive to their needs.
  • To ensure that all people living with HIV are not subject to discrimination.
  • To provide strong, continuing support for international efforts to address the HIV epidemic.
  • To ensure that research advances are translated into improved HIV prevention programs and enhanced care for HIV-positive persons.

The new policy was drafted by the White House's Office of National AIDS Policy after consultation with a number of federal agencies, health and medical groups, religious organizations, and AIDS advocates.

"The development of a national AIDS strategy is a historic undertaking," said Patricia S. Fleming, director of the AIDS office. She emphasized the breadth of the new policy, which involves all federal departments and agencies engaged in HIV-related work; reaches out to communities and the private sector; and identifies areas where the federal government should focus its efforts.

"The national AIDS strategy provides a foundation for the continuing public-private partnerships that are essential to our success in ending this epidemic," Ms. Fleming added.

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