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Prostate cancer patients seek out mind-body care

Prostate cancer patients seek out mind-body care

Marcia Prenguber, ND, FABNO, director of integrative care at Goshen Center for Cancer Care in Indiana, said more than 75% of patients use complementary and alternative medicine, yet remain reluctant to tell their oncologists about it. Dr. Prenguber said she does not consider complementary medicine as an alternative to standard treatment, but as a way to tailor healing to the individual.

“We combine conventional treatments with complementary care to determine what’s best for patients,” she said. “The relationship among providers and with patients ensures that the whole person, not just his prostate, is the center of care.”

J. Craig Gordon, BSN, is the prostate care coordinator at Waukesha Memorial Hospital in Wisconsin. He leads support groups once a month so that patients have continued access to assistance in between physician appointments and also offers one-on-one counseling. “I help patients navigate the system—from diagnosis all the way through long-term follow up,” he said.

The purpose of these meetings is to review pros and cons of treatment options, assess patient stress level, and offer coping mechanisms, Mr. Gordon explained.

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