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Radiofrequency ablation eliminates nondysplastic BE

Radiofrequency ablation eliminates nondysplastic BE

ABSTRACT: Studies finds RA, with or without prior endoscopic resection, proves safe for removal of Barrett’s esophagus and associated neoplasia.

Radiofrequency ablation (RA) is effective for the complete eradication of nondysplastic Barrett’s esophagus (BE), according to researchers from the Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam.


Roos E. Pouw, MD, and colleagues enrolled 44 patients who had BE (median of 7 cm) with early neoplasia. Visible lesions were endoscopically resected. Circumferential and focal ablation was repeated every 2 months until the entire Barrett epithelium was eradicated (Journal of Gastrointestinal Surgery online, August 13, 2008).


Among 31 patients, 16 first underwent endoscopic resection for early cancer, 12 had high-grade dysplasia, and 3 displayed low-grade dysplasia. After resection, the worst remaining histology was high-grade in 32 cases, low-grade in 10 cases, and 2 without dysplasia.


Post-ablation, complete histological eradication of all dysplasia and intestinal metaplasia was achieved in 43 patients.

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