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Risk Factors for Mantle Cell Lymphoma Identified

Risk Factors for Mantle Cell Lymphoma Identified

An analysis of 2,459 mantle cell lymphoma patients diagnosed from 1992 (when the disease was first recognized as a separate type of lymphoma) to 2004 showed that men were more than twice as likely to be diagnosed as women, Caucasians had the highest risk of all ethnic groups, and people aged 70 to 79 were more likely to be diagnosed than all other age groups (Cancer, published online July 7, 2008, DOI: 10.1002/cncr.23608). Michael Wang, MD, of M.D. Anderson Cancer Center and colleagues also found that the incidence rates have risen steadily over time: from 2.7 diagnoses per 1 million people in 1992 to 6.9 per 1 million in 2004.

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