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Surgeons in New York Operate on Patient in France

Surgeons in New York Operate on Patient in France

NEW YORK—Researchers reported in the September 27 Nature that a
surgeon on one side of the Atlantic removed the gallbladder of a patient on the
other side, but the clinical usefulness of this long-distance, robot-assisted
laparoscopic surgery is uncertain.

This report shows that robot-assisted laparoscopy can be stretched between
remote sites, but major problems remain to be resolved, including high
equipment cost, absence of tactile feedback, and incomplete availability of the
high-speed, broad-bandwidth telecommunications needed to transmit images over
distance without irritating and potentially dangerous time delays.

Lead author Jacques Marescaux, MD, of the Department of Digestive Surgery,
University of Strasbourg, France, reported that, following six laparoscopic
remote robotic cholecystectomies in pigs, the procedure was successfully
carried out in a 68-year-old female patient.

Dr. Marescaux and two other surgeons directed the robotic console at the
GlobalOne Building in New York City where a high-speed fiberoptic network was

Two surgeons with the patient in Strasbourg set up the trocar position and
were on hand to stop the robot if things went awry. Coagulation was coordinated
by voice between the two sites.

The total time lag was 155 ms, well below the 330 ms limit judged safe by
surgeons in previous studies. Setting up the apparatus took 16 minutes, and the
gallbladder was dissected in 54 minutes with no intraoperative or postoperative
complications. The patient was discharged 48 hours after surgery.

"We showed that dissection of an artery, dissection of a biliary canal,
and ablation of an organ can be done safely by robot-assisted laparoscopy
guided by a surgeon at a remote site," Dr. Marescaux told ONI. "The
time delay of 155 ms is acceptable and allows the surgeon’s brain to adapt


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