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Teaching Video Helps Transplant Patients Learn Central Line Care

Teaching Video Helps Transplant Patients Learn Central Line Care

INDIANAPOLIS—Transplant patients may maintain a central line for
6 months to a year. At high risk for infection, they must know how to take
care of their line. But when do they learn? Teachable moments can be few and
far between, according to Indiana University Hospital nurses who made a
video to help solve the problem.

Rather than focusing on the patient’s disease or treatment, their video
focuses solely on central line care. The nurse researchers presented an
evaluation of the project, entitled "Sooo Much to Teach, So Little
Time," at a poster session of the Oncology Nursing Society’s 26th
Annual Congress in San Diego.

Specifically, the goals of the project were to ensure that central line
teaching occurred in a timely manner, to increase compliance and
understanding of central line care, and to decrease patient and caregiver
anxiety as well as staff frustration.

"We have a patient population that comes in for cyclophosphamide
mobilization," said Gerri Wensloff, RN, BSN, OCN, one of the authors of
the evaluation of the video project.

Ms. Wensloff is clinical educator at the Adult Cancer Center, Indiana
University Hospital, Clarian Health Partners. Her co-author was Linda Hamer,
RN, BSN, OCN, at the same location.

"On the day their line is placed, patients get high-dose
cyclophosphamide. They’re usually very nauseous and may get a lot of
lorazepam, and so there are not many teachable moments," Ms. Wensloff

Caregivers are hard to catch, too. "Often, their family members just
bring them in and take them home," she said. "So we found it was
very difficult for our staff to get the teaching done and not feel like the
patient was hurried through it."


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