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ThinPrep Pap Test Offers Improved Slide Preparation

ThinPrep Pap Test Offers Improved Slide Preparation

MARLBOROUGH, Mass--Cytyc Corporation's ThinPrep 2000 System for cervical cancer screening has received FDA approval and is now available. The system offers an improved method of preparing Pap smears over the conventional method, leading to fewer retests due to compromised smears and potentially fewer missed abnormalities.

With the ThinPrep Pap test, the physician collects the cervical cells in the traditional way, but rather than smearing a small portion of the cells onto a slide, the physician rinses the cells from the collection device into a vial filled with preservative solution. This vial is then sent to the lab where the ThinPrep 2000 Processor disperses and filters its contents to reduce mucus, blood, and inflammation, and applies a thin, even layer of cells to a microscope slide.

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