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Toremifene Studied as Palliation for Renal Cell Cancer

Toremifene Studied as Palliation for Renal Cell Cancer

ST. PETERSBURG, Russia--High doses of the investigational antiestrogen toremifene (Fareston) proved safe and effective as palliative therapy in patients with advanced renal cell carcinoma, say Dr. Michael Gershanovich and colleagues, of the Professor N. N. Petrov Research Institute of Oncology, St. Petersburg, and Orion Corporation, Turku, Finland.

Thirty-six renal cancer patients (19 nephrectomized) were started on toremi-fene, 300 mg/day. One patient was not evaluable for response because of too short treatment time.

The response rate was 17.1%, including one complete remission lasting 121+ weeks and five partial remissions with a mean duration of 39.8+ weeks. Ten patients had stable disease for a mean duration of 23.7 weeks (Problems in Oncology 42[5]:105-109, 1996).

There were no significant differences in response rate between patients with lung metastases only and those with metastases at other sites with or without lung metastases.

Among those patients who had pain at the beginning of treatment with toremifene, 45% achieved total pain control and 20% achieved partial pain control. Adverse reactions were seen in 10 patients, and led to discontinuation of the drug in one case.

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