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Trex Medical Corporation Launches ‘Vision of Health Initiative’

Trex Medical Corporation Launches ‘Vision of Health Initiative’

DANBURY, Conn—Trex Medical Corporation has announced the launch of its Vision of Health Initiative, a new philanthropic program that will commit up to $100,000 a year to health education, research, and patient support programs across the country. Trex Medical has chosen the National Alliance of Breast Cancer Organizations (NABCO) as the first grant recipient. NABCO is a nonprofit organization providing information and resources on breast cancer.

Vision of Health Initiative funds will support NABCO’s innovative efforts to deliver the mammography message to women, their families, medical professionals, and the media. Trex will make a donation to NABCO for each mammography and breast biopsy unit it sells between January and December 2000.

The first program the initiative will support is NABCO’s E-Mail Reminder campaign that prompts women to schedule regular screening mammograms and breast exams. The program invites women to register to be reminded by an e-mail message from NABCO that their exam anniversary is approaching. They can also print out individualized breast health information at the site.

NABCO anticipates that the grant will also help fund a corporate website program through which employers can offer workplace e-mail sign-ups to their female employees using the NABCO E-Mail Reminder icon on the company’s internal site. Currently, women can sign up for the free e-mail reminder program by visiting www.nabco.org.

“This contribution by Trex Medical Corporation celebrates the good news about early detection,” said Amy Langer, NABCO’s executive director and a cancer survivor. “Finding breast cancer early offers the best chance to treat it effectively. This important support will let us help even more women take charge of their breast health.”

Trex Medical Corporation is a leading manufacturer of mammography equipment and minimally invasive digital breast biopsy systems, as well as a manufacturer of digital dental x-ray equipment. To find out more about the Trex Medical initiative, please visit the company’s website at www.trexmedical.com.

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