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Vinorelbine/Capecitabine Can Be Used in Patients Pretreated With Anthracyclines or Taxanes

Vinorelbine/Capecitabine Can Be Used in Patients Pretreated With Anthracyclines or Taxanes

ESSEN, Germany—The combination of capecitabine (Xeloda) plus vinorelbine (Navelbine)
is feasible and has a favorable toxicity profile in anthracycline-pretreated or
taxane-pretreated advanced breast cancer, according to results of a recent
phase I/II study. "The response rate over 50% is very promising," noted Udo
Vanhoefer, MD, professor of medicine at University of Essen Medical School in
Germany. "We had no alopecia, the incidence of hand-foot syndrome is very low,
and the dose density is very high at 90% and very acceptable for this

The median age of the 33 patients in this study was 54 years (range 30 to
69). The most common sites of metastases were liver, in 21 patients (64%), and
bone, in 17 patients (51%). All but one patient received prior anthracyclines,
and 12 (36%) had prior taxane exposure.

All patients received the combination of vinorelbine, which has significant
activity in advanced breast cancer, and capecitabine, which is a
tumor-activated oral fluoropyrimidine. Previously, researchers had shown
vinorelbine plus infusional 5-FU to be active in metastatic breast cancer.

Vinorelbine Dose Reduced

Overall response rate among the 29 evaluable patients was approximately 51%,
including a 10% complete response rate (3 patients) and a 41% partial response
rate (12 patients). Another 14% (4 patients) had stable disease. Median time to
progression was 32 weeks.

The main toxicity was neutropenia, and other toxicities were mild.
Investigators reported only one case of grade 2 hand-foot syndrome.

Median relative dose density was 0.9 for both capecitabine and vinorelbine.
The dosing schedule was vinorelbine IV on days 1, 8, 22, and 29, with
capecitabine orally twice daily for two 2-week periods, starting on days 1 and
22 of the 42-day (6 week) cycle.


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