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Worksite Cancer Screening Boosts Employee Morale

Worksite Cancer Screening Boosts Employee Morale

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla-Worksite cancer screening programs are designed to help reduce cancer morbidity and mortality among employees, but have the added benefit of enhancing the employer's corporate image and boosting employee morale.

"Cancer screening and education programs enhance a company's reputation as a leader in employee health initiatives," said Robert C. Black, president of Zeneca Pharmaceuticals, at the second annual conference of the Industries' Coalition Against Cancer (ICAC).

Mr. Black noted that the worksite screening program at Zeneca has been applauded both within the company and within the community where it operates, and receives frequent media attention, especially the breast cancer program, which has found eight cases of breast cancer in just 5 years.

Zeneca is viewed as a leader in helping large and small companies and organizations develop and implement breast cancer screening programs, he said, due to its sponsorship of two Public Broadcasting System video conferences on worksite screening, as well as ICAC.

He said that the screening programs have helped improve employee morale company wide. "Those who participate in our cancer screening program have become its most effective promoters," he said. "They truly become ambassadors for the company, both within its walls and within the local community."

Furthermore, when cancers are found, he said, Zeneca employees rally around their coworkers with cancer by working extra hours to give them time off, giving up vacation time to take over assignments, and providing a support system with hospital and home visits. In short, he said, "our employees do all the things that members of a family, in this case a corporate family, do for each other."

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