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Zeneca Sponsors Rural Breast Cancer Outreach

Zeneca Sponsors Rural Breast Cancer Outreach

CHICAGO—October’s National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (NBCAM) had a special focus on women in America’s agricultural communities. Zeneca, a founding co-sponsor of NBCAM, said that its breast cancer education program will target rural women to raise awareness of the need for mam-mography and other early detection methods in this population.

Bob Woods, president of Zeneca Ag Products, made the announcement from the Chicago Board of Trade where he rang the opening bell in a symbolic call to action.

The centerpiece of the rural outreach effort is a Program Leaders Workshop where women with ties to agribusiness communities will be trained to be “ambassadors” of breast cancer awareness. For more information, see the NBCAM Home Page at http://www.nbcam.org.

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