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Bryant Furlow

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Gum chewing might help patients avoid prolonged intestinal motility dysfunction following abdominal cancer surgery, suggested findings reported at the ONS Congress.

Chlorhexidine wipe bathing might help reduce the risk of deadly central line-associated bloodstream infections (CLABSIs) among cancer inpatients, but barriers can complicate implementation efforts.

Improving oropharyngeal cancer survival rates necessitates better coordination of survivorship care between oncology teams and primary care providers, according to a presentation at ONS.

Electronic medical record and telephone triage systems should be updated to reflect the unique risks of immune-related side effects faced by patients undergoing cancer immunotherapies.

Patient education can improve adherence to skin-care plans and reduce radiation dermatitis among patients undergoing radiotherapy for breast cancer.

Nurse practitioners play a central role in helping patients with esophageal cancer understand and manage their disease and treatment complications.

Patients undergoing allo-HSCT can remain immune-impaired for several years after treatment, but methods such as adopting guideline-driven tracking tools to determine which patients have been assessed for immunization eligibility can improve vaccination rates, suggest a feasibility study at ONS.

Delivering vincristine via mini-IV drip bags instead of pushing it with a syringe might avoid injection into spinal fluid, which is uniformly fatal.

The FDA has sent warning letters to 14 companies marketing dozens of unapproved “miracle cure” products online with fraudulent claims that they prevent or cure cancer.

The ASCO-CAP guidelines for HER2 gene amplification testing leave some patients at risk for misclassification and inappropriate treatment.


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