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Oncologists should be experts at farewells. I often write a note of condolence if I have not made personal contact with the patient or family close to the time of death.

Through its direct mail pieces, print ads, and commercials, my treatment center positions itself as a Shangri-La where all patients bask in the sensitive and professional care of their multidisciplinary team. How very different this picture is from my regular sojourns to the nuclear medicine department in the bowels of the hospital.

Oncologists were among the first practitioners to embrace mobile technologies. We present the top 10 oncology apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

We present an end-of-summer list of must-reads, covering everything from the history of cancer to environmental destruction to the upcoming sixth extinction.

When someone states they are “tired,” it prompts follow-up questions regarding activity, sleep, diet, and stress, among other things—just as a complaint of pain leads to where, what kind, and how long.

When communicating with the difficult patient doctors are advised to avoid such approaches as snapping, bristling, or even a subtle curling of the lips.

Recently, my treatment center changed the contrast agent patients are asked to drink prior to having a CT. They look and taste the same. So why has the switch bothered me so much?


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