Cancer and Genetics

Cancer and Genetics

This article aims to provide an overview of The Cancer Genome Atlas findings, with a particular focus on their potential biological relevance and therapeutic implications.

TCGA’s efforts to dissect the genomic complexity found in breast cancer patients represents only the beginning of a journey toward better understanding of the intricacy of the events that lead to this disease. Additional efforts are required to provide tailored and effective therapeutic interventions.

The strongest aspect of TCGA is that the data are publically available, fueling the input needed for unparalleled discovery. As the broader scientific community continues to analyze and integrate TCGA data with their own datasets, it is highly likely that breast cancer patients will benefit.

Human breast tissue tests link reduced amounts of mitochondrial DNA content with a greater incidence of metastatic breast cancer.

In this interview we discuss advances in whole-genome analyses, as well as novel blood-based assays in development to help diagnose and follow cancer patients through their treatment.

We speak with two experts to discuss breast cancer risk, genetics, and prevention options available to women at high risk of developing breast and ovarian cancer.

This interview covers standards for healthcare provider competency in offering comprehensive genetic services, and highlights genetics/genomics resources for nurses.


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