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Genitourinary Cancers

Genitourinary Cancers

Use of the diabetes drug pioglitazone was not associated with a significantly increased risk of bladder cancer, in a large cohort study.

Patients who have undergone chemotherapy for nonseminoma testicular cancer are at an increased risk for cardiovascular disease, especially in the first year after treatment.

Adding chemotherapy to hormonal therapy in men with metastatic hormone-sensitive prostate cancer increased improved overall survival by 13.6 months.

Researchers have identified a subset of six biomarkers that together may predict the risk of more aggressive prostate cancer among African American men.

In this interview we discuss recent trials that looked at the use of upfront chemotherapy combined with androgen deprivation therapy in men with metastatic prostate cancer and how they have changed clinical practice.

The 2015 ASCO Annual Meeting delivered new practice-changing results in the area of prostate cancer.

The management of patients with localized prostate cancer has improved to meet clinical guidelines, according to a new study.


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