GI side effects can lead patients to stop GLP-1 agonist therapy. Identifying risk factors for these adverse events could help improve patient selection.

Incretin-based therapies have shown beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system, providing impetus for this recent study.

rheumatoid arthritis

Part 2 of a slide show series based on the Twitter-based rheumatology journal club (#rheumjc) focuses on the realities of tapering biologics in clinical practice.

New research suggests that depression and stroke share common cumulative etiologic mechanisms.

A new study suggests that a family history of breast cancer does not result in a worse prognosis breast cancer prognosis.

The Federal Trade Commission has charged four US cancer charities with fraud, accusing them of diverting more than $187 million in charitable donations.

rheumatoid arthritis

Slides summarize of a Twitter-based journal club, pondering a randomized study of tapering TNF inhibitors in rheumatoid arthritis. Many questions about the study design; more about tapering practices already in clinical use, which are addressed in Part 2.

Innovative tools to enhance patient experience as presented at ACR 2015.


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