As growth of imaging utilization slows, radiologists worry about the effect on reimbursement.

By helping patients and their families design a life care plan, physicians can help them to navigate the complexities of a catastrophic or serious injury.

Many caveats govern the management of hepatitis B during pregnancy. Do you know which antiviral drugs are classified as pregnancy category B?

Every patient encounter carries with it the possibility of error. And every error can cause problems for the patient. So what do we do as physicians?

Social marketing, search engine optimization, practice marketing' are all good, but 'here are three sure things to increase revenues at minimal cost.

Psychiatrist - Manteca, CA

Wed, 2014-07-23 20:36 -- jleo

Community Psychiatry’s goal is to provide patients with knowledgeable, compassionate psychiatrists and providers with the time to focus on delivering the best possible care. Our group of doctors has now grown to 21 private practice offices around San Francisco, San Jose, and Sacramento, California and Ann Arbor, Michigan. The company currently employs psychiatrists in groups of about three psychiatrists per office.  We are currently seeking a Psychiatrist for our Manteca, CA location. This is a salaried, FT position.

Minorities remain less likely to receive diagnosis and treatment for their mental illness and more likely to die by suicide. As ethnocultural diversity within the US grows, psychiatrists are increasingly evaluating attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors of a broad spectrum of ethnocultural groups.


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