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As the prevalence increases, obesity continues to grow as a major health problem. Here are brief summaries of the latest research findings.

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The backlash over the cost hike of the EpiPen forced the manufacturer Mylan to take action and defend itself this week.

Bilateral tiny lumps in a 4-month-old boy's heels are making his mother anxious. Get a close look at the lesions and enter your Dx.

Upgrading technology used to be fun.

Staff Correctional Psychiatrists

Thu, 2016-08-25 22:30 -- jleo

University Correctional Health Care (UCHC), a division of Rutgers University Behavioral Health Care, currently has openings for full-time staff psychiatrists in central and northwestern New Jersey. UCHC, a model academic-correctional affiliation with the New Jersey Department of Corrections for over a decade, provides quality mental health and rehabilitative services to our patients.

In our recurring blog "Inbox" we share comments from physicians and practice administrators telling us what keeps them awake at night.

The deferral of postoperative radiotherapy is increasing among children with medulloblastoma, and this deferral of treatment was associated with worse survival.

A new study has found that negative expectations increase both the severity and number of side effects experienced by breast cancer patients undergoing hormone therapy.

Medicare's new payment program under MACRA will place pressure on independent physician practices, as they compete for limited Medicare bonuses.


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