A 68-year-old man presents with a dark lesion on his forehead. A surgical resection is performed. What is your diagnosis?

HIPAA is there for the protection of your patients, not to hinder communication or good customer service.

Radiology continues to be cautious with new payment model, but might not be able to avoid it for long.

Acromegaly was diagnosed in a 36-year-old woman who presented with loss of vision in the right eye that had initially involved the peripheral field. Which statement about acromegaly is NOT true?

John C. Goodman's recent Forbes article provides just one example of how the federal government hurts, not helps. Here are six ways to fix that.

Here: 5 new things to know about stroke -- including the link with "lone A-fib"; the danger of cocaine; the hypertension-stroke-dementia connection; promise for stroke rehab with an Alzheimer drug; and reducing stroke risk with potassium.

Patients have smartphones. Physicians have information about health and well-being. So logically, using mobile health technology can provide better connections.

Practice employees are more than salaries. If you use them in the right places at the right time, they are revenue generators supporting your physicians.

EHRs can be expensive for small practices. But a stipulation of the Stark Law allows a hospital to donate funds and partner with you for meaningful use.


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