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Oncology Nursing

Oncology Nursing

The US Food and Drug Administration has approved rolapitant for the prevention of delayed phase nausea and vomiting associated with chemotherapy.

Cancer survivors who were diagnosed as teens often experience emotional distress and neurocognitive dysfunction, interfering with social development as adults.

Cancer survivors may face discrimination by adoption agencies, many of which require medical histories and statements of health to be shared with birth mothers.

In this video from the 2015 ONS meeting, Dr. Sipples talks about effective management of side effects for patients taking afatinib, an oral, targeted agent for lung cancer.

In this video from the 2015 ONS meeting, Dr. Gwyn talks about nurse practitioners delivering bad news to patients by utilizing the SPIKES protocol.

In this video from the 2015 ONS meeting, Dr. Omran discusses the high-risk of colorectal cancer among the Jordanian population and the need to promote more screening awareness.

The topic of obesity and its effect on cancer risk and subsequent treatment was discussed in detail at this year's Oncology Nursing Society annual meeting in Orlando, Florida.


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