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Physicians Practice provides award-winning practice-management advice to more than 150,000 physicians through partnerships with medical centers throughout the United States.

For more than 20 years, doctors have trusted Physicians Practice for expertise on billing, coding, collections, technology, workflow, staffing, compensation and much more.

Average physician income has dropped more than 7 percent since 1995 after inflation – and more than 10 percent for primary-care physicians – while other professional and technical workers have seen their incomes rise. Increases in office overhead, the rising cost of malpractice insurance, ever-intrusive third-party payers, and other factors have combined to make physicians feel less empowered to affect their own practices, and the lives of their patients. In fact, nearly 29 percent said in a recent survey that they would not choose to go into medicine again, if they had it to do over.

But Physicians Practice believes that with the right tools and information, physicians can run their practices their way again. That’s why we offer practical positive advice on everything from working with insurance companies to collecting what they’re owed to dealing with difficult patients. We’re in physicians’ corner as their advocate, expert, and guide.


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