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What class of agents negatively affects responses in patients with metastatic renal cell carcinoma treated with immune checkpoint inhibitors? Which gender is significantly more likely to undergo radical cystectomy for bladder cancer? Test your knowledge on genitourinary cancers in our latest quiz.

In black patients with breast cancer, what type of treatment attenuated aggressive recurrent rates? What percentage of women with early-stage invasive breast cancer report at least one severe/very severe toxicity? Test your knowledge in our latest quiz.

What conditions are associated with CLL development? What novel agent resulted in significantly better progression-free survival in all CLL settings? Test your knowledge in our latest quiz.

Do you know which sarcoma subtypes benefit from trabectedin? How many estimated cases of soft-tissue sarcoma are expected to occur this year? Test your knowledge on sarcoma in our latest quiz.

What second-line anti–PD-1 antibody demonstrated a survival benefit over an active comparator in patients with advanced urothelial cancer? Test your knowledge about bladder and renal cancers in our latest genitourinary cancers quiz.

Are you up to date on adverse prognostic factors for Ewing sarcoma? Do you know the latest drug approved for metastatic soft-tissue sarcoma? Test your knowledge on sarcoma in our latest quiz.

What clinical risk factor has been found to be most prevalent for both premenopausal and postmenopausal women? What population sees a benefit of oophorectomy for preventing breast cancer? Test your knowledge in our latest quiz.


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