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Bayer and Us Too! Collaborate on Support for Advanced Prostate Cancer Patients

Bayer and Us Too! Collaborate on Support for Advanced Prostate Cancer Patients

The Bayer Corporation recently announced that it has teamed up with Us Too! International to offer Continuous Care, a program for advanced prostate cancer patients using the leuprolide acetate implant (Viadur). The program provides appointment reminders, education, support materials, and valuable health coupons.

"Us Too! encourages voluntary programs (such as Bayer’s Continuous Care program) that seek to disseminate information and provide ongoing support to those affected by prostate cancer," said John A. Page, fhimss, president and CEO, Us Too!. "We appreciate the opportunity to work with a company so dedicated to men’s health, and look forward to continuing our commitment to meeting the needs of prostate cancer patients and their families."

Annual Implantation

"Because the annual implantation of Viadur is just one aspect of a comprehensive approach to patient management, Continuous Care offers patients year-long support and education and helps them stay on track with their treatment program," said Nancy Bryan, vice president, Bayer Men’s Health. "And with the help of Us Too!, we will further enhance patient support, thereby strengthening our commitment to help those with advanced prostate cancer."

The implant delivers a continuous 12-month infusion of leuprolide, which is a luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone (LHRH) agonist, to patients with advanced prostate cancer. More information about the implant and its mechanism of action can be found at http://viadur.com.

The most common systemic side effects associated with the use of the leuprolide implant include hot flashes (67.9%), asthenia (7.6%), gynecomastia (6.9%), depression (5.3%), and sweating (5.3%). The most common local side effects are bruising (34.6%) and burning (5.6%).

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