Looking for a way to get a handle on Relative Value Units (RVUs) tied to Medicare payments or even use of RVUs in your own practice? Here's the formula Medicare uses to calculate payments for the services you provide.

This short summary of the history and elements of physician reimbursement rates will make you better informed than most other doctors.

Consultant John Lutz discusses the transition from volume- to value-based healthcare and how medical practices can begin preparing today.

Here's a five-step way to calculate the cost of your common procedures and decide if lower reimbursement is actually fatal to your medical practice.

Lower fee-for-service rates and bundled payments may present challenges for physicians. So it's time to start planning today.

See what CMS owes your medical practice for your services by downloading the the 2013 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule.

Value-based physician compensation incentives are gaining momentum, but aren’t going away any time soon.


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